Dress H&M
Tights Promod
Boots Oxmox
Bag Hallhuber
Bracelet Gifted

Today is a really nice day, not like the other ones before. It is sunny and not rainy but there is this cold fresh air. I love wearing dresses even though I do not own many. The dress I am wearing has a nice print on it and makes the outfit playful and colourful which is a bonus when the days are gloomy and dark. I also opted for a small bag in which you can carry the essentials. This is perfect when you don't want to carry a heavy bag. Furthermore, I styled my hair differently than usual. I straightened it and put it in a low side ponytail. You could wear this look to a date. It looks effortless but at the same time it is cute and looks put-together. By the way, I also went to the hairdresser two days ago, so you will see that in my next post.
What do you think of this look? Tell me in the comments below and have a nice day!

M x

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Sweater Zara
Jeans H&M
Slipons Hallhuber
Necklace Gifted

You know that summer is over when you are starting to wear those big chunky sweaters and just want to stay inside and not move out of your bed but you have to because school, uni or work is waiting for you. Just keep in mind that you are not alone. I have still three weeks left until university starts but I know that for most of you, it already has started a while ago. It is my first year and I am super excited. I will be also moving out from home and living on my own. Should I be scared or excited? This will be a new chapter in my life and I am ready for it!

Furthermore, this is an outfit I would definitely wear to classes. It is comfortable and gives you a bit of colour while it is dark and grey outside. Just throw on a backpack or nice bag and you are good to go. Have a nice day :)

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M x



Shirt Zara
Pants No name
Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith

I know, you have probably seen this hairstyle all over the Internet but I still like it. At the beginning, I thought I could never achieve this look all by myself but after watching a few tutorials on Youtube and experimenting with my hair, I finally got it. 

Next on are these pants. How cool are these? Well, you will never believe me where I got them! I bought them when I was in Mallorca in a souvenir shop with my friends. We wanted to have some really comfortable lookalike pyjama bottoms for the ultimate comfort at the airport and now I am wearing them all the time. The top I am wearing in this post is another favourite of mine especially with the open back which definitely is the highlight.

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M x